The Antiquity is a world full of gods. Far from being confined to their sanctuaries, the gods are rooted in the human environment in multiple ways: towns, crossroads, borders and boundaries, forests, mountains, the sea and many other spaces where they continue to dwell. Equally, they colonise imagined spaces, when poets and authors evoke their living areas or those that they move through during their different adventures. It is therefore logical that specialists on the Antiquity have studied the inscription of the divine in space for a long time already. In this perspective, the conference Naming and Mapping the gods in the Ancient Mediterranean. Spaces, Mobilities, Imaginaries hopes to bring together the competences and specialties of multiple disciplines – archaeology, history, geography, anthropology, history of religions, philology, reception, social network analysis – in order to consider new documentation corpora concerning the intersection between the divine and space. Furthermore, the conference aims to differentiate itself by proposing an innovative angle of approach, inspired by the themes of the ERC MAP project: the intersection between the spaces and designations of the gods. The ways of naming the divine powers, given that they are envisaged as ways to define, characterise, differentiate, but also to connect, effectively constitute many indexes of a dynamic and complex “mapping” of the divine.

The conference will be held from the 10th to the 12th February 2021.

Welcome speech (E. Guillon)

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